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Student Pay’s Off $60,000 student Loan Playing Online Poker

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

I thought this might be an interesting article to list since I only started this new site less that 2 weeks ago. This site is all about debt and everything that goes along with it. I barely had this thing up and going and i was getting emails from people telling me their debt stories and I have no place to put them so I figured I would add them on here until i’m ready for them so here it is:

To: whom this may concern,

I noticed you started this new site and wanted to hear about debt and all the stories people have whether good or bad. Well I have an interesting story for you not one that a lot of people would agree with but one that I did and paid off in a big way. I graduated from Ohio state in 2005 and had no idea what i wanted to do in life. I had around $60,000 in student loans and was being “killed” (sorry but I didn’t know what other word to put there) by the interest on the loans as you know many of us students are. I worked my butt off and tried to pay this down during school and didn’t have much luck with the cost of living.

So one day I was surfing around on the net and saw all these articles about online poker and I said what the heck let’s try it out, one site was offering 100% match on my deposit. Now i’m from a very religious home and gambling is not tolerated.

So here goes I deposited $800.00 it was the last of my student loan money and well I was up $500.00 in the first 10 minutes, I thought AWESOME here I go. I played for several hours and didn’t move very much that day. So the next day I woke up and played again I went UP $2500.00. I was darn near rolling over on the floor. So I figured I would go grab something to eat and came home and played again. Now i’m thinking I have issues with gambling. So I figured if I went up anymore I would quit. Well that never came I went down $600.00

On to the next day a Sunday (god’s day)hahah I thought OK i’m gonna win today. I wasn’t playing for 20 minutes and I was broke. I LOST it ALL I didn’t know what to do talk about depressed. So back to the drawing board. I started mowing lawns and was making OK money but the thrill of winning that money playing poker never left my head.

Now that everyone thinks I have a gambling problem I went on and played again FOR FREE this time and went into a FREEROLL tournament(is a tournament you can play and win small amounts of money or entries into bigger tournaments) so I play about 20 tournaments lost them all and started to give up. There was one more tournament at 9:30pm for a free entry into a big tournament. The problem was there were 2500 people playing for this. Well I played and 8 hrs later I won the tournament and I was in to the big tournament.

So the following Saturday is the big day. Well I was late by 30mins I was down big time but I was still in the tournament just sitting out every hand. 7 1/2 hours later I was the winner of $100,000.00 Yes I could not believe it and I still do not believe it but here I am today debt free of $60,000 and off to the wonderful game of life.

Till this day I have not played online poker or any type of gambling. I figured My wish was granted



What Are the Advantages of Playing Online Poker?

Posted on December 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

If you’re a new poker player and you have never played online before then you probably don’t know what the advantages are of being able to play online rather then in a casino. Some of the benefits are very obvious, but at the same time some of the benefits of playing online poker are less obvious to new poker players. We’re going to take a look at some of the advantages you should learn about playing online poker versus playing in a land based casino.

o The most obvious advantage is that you will be able to play wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can play at work or from your own living room if you would like.

o Since a dealer doesn’t need to shuffle the cards and the player’s bets are all sent around the table automatically you will be able to play a lot more hands per hour while playing online poker.

o You can multi-table when you play online which means you can play poker on more then one table at once which allows you to play roughly twice as many hands then if you were playing on one table.

o There are a lot more poker games available online then in any land based casino. In most online poker rooms you can play Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Draw and several mixed games. There is also a huge tournament presence in the online poker community and not just cash games.

o You can use tools that are available online to find out your stats and your opponent’s stats which will help you figure out how good you are and how good the player’s you’re playing against are. You can also find tools which do all the mathematical equations for you in real-time as you play so that you don’t need too. These calculators can calculate pot odds, percentages of hitting draws, percentages of winning the pot and much more.

Play Online Poker

Posted on December 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

The past couple of years have been huge for online poker. Since the amateur Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP main event, everyone has been chasing a similar dream. Millions of dollars are up for grabs each and every day playing this simple card game. Many people have made poker their number one hobby next to partying and watching professional sports. Why should you play online poker? Online poker is similar to any other game you have played in your life. From video games, sports, snooker, or chess, all the games are similar. All games require an extreme amount of skill and mental endurance. The challenge of defeating an opponent is reason enough to become better at poker.

Every day you sit down to play poker, there is something new to learn. Similar to golf, the player who makes the least number of mistakes will win in the long run. Poker is very similar to video games out on the market. At the beginning stages of poker, your opponents will be very weak. As you progress through the ranks, you will meet tougher opponents. Playing tougher opponents will force you to become better if you want to continue playing. If you lose all your money at the higher limit, you have to start all over at the first level. There is a reason why online poker is so popular in our society. We have been playing video games, sports, and competing our entire lives. It is in our blood to want to complete against our fellow neighbor. Online poker has been established, are you ready to do battle?